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Step 1: Get the code into IntelliJ

Start IntelliJ.

IntelliJ shows the following window:

IntelliJ Start Window
IntelliJ Start Window

Click on “Open”

Choose build.gradle in the root of the jabref source folder:

Open File or Project dialog
Choose build.gradle in the “Open Project or File” dialog

After pressing “OK”, IntelliJ asks how that file should be opened. Answer: “Open as Project”

Open Project dialog
Choose “Open as Project” in the Open Project dialog

Then, trust the project:

Trust and Open Project dialog
Choose “Trust Project” in the “Trust and Open Project” dialog

Ensure that committing via IntelliJ works

IntelliJ offers committing using the UI. Press Alt+0 to open the commit dialog.

Unfortunately, IntelliJ has no support for ignored sub modules [IDEA-285237]. Fortunately, there is a workaround:

Go to File > Settings… > Version Control > Directory Mappings.

Currently, it looks as follows:

Directory Mappings including sub modules
Directory Mappings unmodified

You need to tell IntelliJ to ignore the submodules buildres\, src\main\resources\csl-locales, and src\main\resources\csl-styles. Select all three (holding the Ctrl key). Then press the red minus button on top.

This will make these directories “Unregistered roots:”, which is fine.

Directory Mappings having three repositories unregsitered
Directory Mappings having three unregistered roots