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Use Apache Commons IO for directory monitoring

Context and Problem Statement

In JabRef, there is a need to add a directory monitor that will listen for changes in a specified directory.

Currently, the monitor is used to automatically update the LaTeX Citations when a LaTeX file in the LaTeX directory is created, removed, or modified (#10585). Additionally, this monitor will be used to create a dynamic group that mirrors the file system structure (#10930).

Considered Options

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Use”, because comes out best (see below).

Pros and Cons of the Options


  • Good, because it is a standard Java API for watching directories.
  • Good, because it does not need polling, it is event-based for most operating systems.
  • Bad, because:
    1. Does not detect files coming together with a new folder (JDK issue: JDK-8162948).
    2. Deleting a subdirectory does not detect deleted files in that directory.
    3. Access denied when trying to delete the recursively watched directory on Windows (JDK issue: JDK-6972833).
    4. Implemented on macOS by the generic PollingWatchService. (JDK issue: JDK-8293067)


  • Good, because it implemented on top of the java.nio.file.WatchService, which is a standard Java API for watching directories.
  • Good, because it resolves some of the issues of the java.nio.file.WatchService.
    • UsesExtendedWatchEventModifier.FILE_TREE on Windows, which resolves issues (1, 3) of the java.nio.file.WatchService.
    • On macOS have native implementation based on the Carbon File System Events API, this resolves issue (4) of the java.nio.file.WatchService.
  • Bad, because issue (2) of the java.nio.file.WatchService is not resolved.

  • Good, because there are no observed issues.
  • Good, because can handle huge amount of files without overflowing.
  • Bad, because it uses a polling mechanism at fixed intervals, which can waste CPU cycles if no change occurs.