How to test

Database tests


To quickly host a local PostgreSQL database, execute following statement:

```shell command docker run -d -e POSTGRES_USER=postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -e POSTGRES_DB=postgres -p 5432:5432 --name db postgres:10 postgres -c log_statement=all

Set the environment variable `DBMS` to `postgres` (or leave it unset)
Then, all DBMS Tests (annotated with `@org.jabref.testutils.category.DatabaseTest`) run properly.
### MySQL
A MySQL DBMS can be started using following command:
``´shell command
docker run -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -e MYSQL_DATABASE=jabref -p 3800:3307 mysql:8.0 --port=3307

Set the environment variable DBMS to mysql.